Club Bylaws

(adopted 8/24/2019)


Article I – General

A. Name: The organization shall be called the Buckeye Parrot Head Club (Inc.).

B. Purpose: The purpose of the organization is to promote the Buckeye Parrot Head Club as a non-profit organization whose purposes are to assist in community and environmental concerns and provide a variety of social activities for people interested in the lifestyle and music of Jimmy Buffett and the tropical spirit.

Article II – Membership and Dues

A. Club Membership: Membership in the Buckeye Parrot Head Club shall be open to all, regardless of sex, creed, national origin, or sexual preference. A member will be considered in good standing as long as their dues are current and they have not violated any bylaws.

B. Dues: The annual dues of the Buckeye Parrot Head Club will be as follows:

1. The annual dues will run from February 1st through January 31st.

2. Dues renewals are due no later than the end of February each year.

3. Membership renewal notices will be included in the last issue of the newsletter each year.

4. There will be two types of memberships.

a. Single – cost will be $20.00 per year.
b. Family – cost will be $30.00 per year.
The single membership gives the owner the right to one (1) vote in all club business. The family membership gives the owners the right to two (2) votes in all club business. A family is defined as two adults and children age 18 and under.

5. Payment of dues entitles each membership Club identifications, and the right to participate in all activities and club business.

6. 10% of all dues will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association. The donation will occur by March 15 of each year.

Article III – Meetings

A. Social and Business Meetings: The club will have at least one event per month. These may include but will not be limited to a monthly happy hour on the last Saturday of the month. Except for May, November and December. The November and December meetings will be replaced with a club party on either the first or second Saturday of December.

B. The social meeting will include a brief business meeting. These meetings will be conducted by the Club President, and in his/her absence by the Treasurer. Any members in good standing may attend the business meetings and will conduct themselves in a professional manner or be asked to leave the meeting until they feel that they can conduct themselves in a professional manner. All club decisions at the business meeting will be by a simple majority with the exception of a change to the bylaws, which will require a 2/3 majority. All bylaw changes will require a first, second, and final reading before they can be voted on. Minutes will be taken at all meetings and reported at the following meeting. Prospective members may attend but will not be allowed to vote.

C. Executive Board Meeting: The Board will meet on an as needed basis. In the event that a decision needs to be made before the next scheduled business meeting, all officers must be consulted and a majority of the officers will have to vote in the affirmative for the item to pass.

Article IV – Officers,
Executive Board, and Elections

A. Officers/Elections: The club will elect new officers to serve two terms as follows:

1. President: Even Year (except 2019 there will be an election for the remaining term)
2. Vice President: Odd Year
3. Treasurer/Membership: Odd Year

In order to be eligible to hold an office in the Buckeye Parrot Head Club, a member must have been a member in good standing for (6) months prior to the election and have attended (3) three meetings in the current year.

Nominations will be opened at the August business meeting. Nominations will be closed after the September business meeting with ballots being sent out within 10 days to all members who have been members in good standing for at least (3) months.

Ballots must be received at the appointed Election’s Officer prior to the October business meeting. No ballots will be accepted after the October business meeting has been called to order.

Should a tie occur, the tie-breaker would be determined based upon meeting attendance.

Each of the officers may have one or more Chairman to help them carryout the responsibilities of their position. The Executive Committee will appoint these positions for the same period as the Officer’s term.

In the event that an officer cannot complete their term in office, the Executive Board will appoint an interim replacement until an election can be held.

B. Executive Board: The Executive Board will consist of the President, Vice President and Treasurer/Membership. The Executive Board will be responsible for ensuring that all club activities are conducted in accordance with the guidelines and bylaws of the Parrot Heads in Paradise Inc. and the Buckeye Parrot Head Club. The Board will be empowered to make decisions between business meetings when the decision cannot wait until the next business meeting. All decisions will be by consensus with each member having one vote. The President may serve as a tie-breaker if a consensus cannot be reached. Any and all Board decisions will be reported at the next business meeting. The Board will act on recommendations from the general membership and forward items to the general membership meetings for approval and enactment.

C. Responsibilities of Elected Officers

1. President
– Oversee all offices held within the Club.
– Coordinate officers to work together in achieving common goals.
– Represent the Club in regards to all PHIP communication.                                                         – Maintain communication with local media                                                                                     – Continue to promote our “Statement of Purpose” through Community involvement and
affiliations with other organizations and groups.
– Lead the Club in efforts to gain new members.

2. Vice President                                                                                                                                      – Represent the Club as the contact person for all outside activities.                                           – Coordinate all social and volunteer activities.                                                                                – Plan and coordinate social functions and parties.                                                                         – Take minutes of monthly business meetings.                                                                                 – Act as liaison between the club and Margaritaville & HK Management.                                  – Represent the Club in public forums.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  3. Treasurer/Membership Director
– Responsible for all Club finances, including but not limited to:
– Collect annual dues and concert ticket money.
– Maintain Club bank accounts.
– Make payment of PHIP dues.
– Make charitable check contributions.
– Make Club purchases based on board/membership approval.
– Submit a treasurer’s report.                                                                                                                – Maintain all membership files and information.

3. Human Resources Director
– Maintain all membership files and information.
– Lead the Club in efforts to gain new members.
– Follow up calls to new members and establish a buddy system to
keep new members involved.
– Submit an article/welcome section for quarterly publication in the

Article V – Committees

A. General: The following committees may be established as the Executive Board sees fit in order to maximize involvement and participation of the Club members. Social Activities; Communication (Phone/Email); Web Page/Social Media. The President, Executive Board, and or general membership to deal with specific projects may establish other special committees.

B. Committee Roles: The purpose of all committees is to ensure that day-to-day functions and special events are completed in a timely manner. These committees will be working in conjunction with a member of the Executive Board and will be given the detailed responsibility of specific events and activities. It will be the responsibility of the committee to report on progress to the Executive Board and the general membership at the regular monthly meeting.

1. Social Activities – Responsible for planning all aspects of the regularly scheduled parties. This will include but not be limited to: communication; decorations; collecting admission fees; clean up.

2. Communication (Phone/Email) – Help get the word out to members about regularly scheduled and special events. This may include the establishment of phone trees or the use of email.

3. Social Media/Web Page -Maintain and keep current the Club web and social media sites.

Article VI – Miscellaneous

A. Adoption of Bylaws: These bylaws have been approved by a majority of the members in good standing. Future modifications/amendments to the bylaws will be accomplished by way of a vote at the regular business meeting. They will require a first, second, and final reading before they can be voted on. To pass, the bylaw will require a 2/3 majority of those attending the voting meeting.

B. Infractions of Bylaws:

1. Any current member may submit in writing (signed, dated, and clearly written), the occurrence of a bylaw infraction (PHIP or Buckeye Parrot Head Club) or an illegal activity of the Executive Board. It is the responsibility of the Executive Board to review the alleged infraction and by a simple majority either accept or reject. If it is accepted, the Board will proceed to number 2 below.

2. The Executive Board will inform the member by letter of the alleged infractions against them. The member will be given thirty (30) days to provide a written response to the Board. If the member chooses not to respond within thirty (30) days, the Executive Board will move forward on a decision without the member’s input.

3. At the next Executive Board meeting after the 30-day deadline, the Board will evaluate the alleged infraction and make one of the following decisions:

a. No Action – the Board has considered the alleged infraction and the
Board will take no further action.
b. Action – The alleged infraction has been considered by the Board and
action is being taken as determined by a majority decision of the
Executive Board. The specific action is entirely left to the discretion
of the Executive Board and is based solely upon the written infraction.

4. If action is taken against a member, the member will be informed in writing within thirty (30) days of the Executive Board’s decision. The member who submitted the original statement of alleged infraction(s) shall be provided with a copy of the Board’s decision.

5. The Executive Board’s decisions are considered final unless an appeal is made to hear the case before the entire membership with all pertinent facts being communicated. A simple majority decision will be required to uphold the Board’s decision.

6. At the next scheduled meeting, the membership shall be informed of the decision, and the information will be properly recorded in the minutes.

C. Concert Point System: In the event that the number of members that want concert tickets exceeds those made available to the club, a point system will be used to determine who receives tickets. The point year will run from the first event after the local Jimmy Buffett concert tickets sales until the following year’s local Jimmy Buffett concert ticket sales. No more than two (2) tickets per membership will be available to the highest point earners. The Executive Board, based on ticket availability, may adjust this figure. Ties will be broken by lottery. The Executive Board may designate one or two tickets for charity fundraisers. All qualified members will be given a deadline for the purchase of tickets. If that deadline passes, the opportunity to purchase will go to the person with the next highest point total.

Points will be awarded as follows:

Officers – 3 points
Committee Chairs – 2 points
Organization of a charity event – 2 points
Active service on any committee – 2 points
Participation in any charity/volunteer event – 2 points
Attendance at a Club business meeting / Club happy hour – 1 point
Contribution to fundraising – 2 points
Submission of a newsletter article – 1 point
Special projects (design logo, buttons, etc.) – 1 point
Paying dues on time – 1 point
Enlisting a new member – 1 point
Bringing a new member to club function – 1 point
(1 point awarded per new member)

D. Altruism: Events and or activities sponsored by the Buckeye Parrot Head Club will have a portion of the proceeds donated to a designated charity. The Club will donate time and/or money to at least one local charity each year. The Club will be involved in at least one environmental cause a year. This decision will be made by the general membership at a regularly scheduled business meeting.

E. Financial Requests: No club member shall obligate the club financially or otherwise without the approval of the board. Requests for funds shall be committed to the Treasurer/Membership Director who will in turn, present them to the board. The following procedure will be used:                                                                                                          * Requests under $200 or 15% of account balance at the time of the decision to request funds will require approval of the board.                                                                                           * Requests over $220 or 15% of the account balance will require initial approval of the board and subsequent approval of the Club membership.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                F. General: No member shall conduct him/herself in a manner that would adversely impact the reputation or well being of either the Buckeye Parrot Head Club or the Parrot Heads in Paradise or any affiliated club.